Water Damage Photo Gallery

Professional Pack Out

SERVPRO of West Chester was called out to a home that had a hot water heater break in their basement, and as you can see, we packed out the personal belongings and stored them in a dry area of the basement. We also document all of the items, and take pictures for your and our records.

Water Damage

Though most property owners are careful to protect their buildings and possessions against fire, burglary, storms, and other dangerous conditions, they often overlook a situation that insurers know to be one of the most potentially destructive and costly: water damage caused by leaking or malfunctioning home appliances, especially washing machines. Unlikely as it may seem, water damage from washing machines is one of the top five causes of claims to home insurers, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, which analyzed 525 washing machine claims from multiple insurance companies.

Saturated Carpets

Damaged pipes can quickly cause large amounts of water to flow into areas where you typically wouldn't want water. It does not take long for large areas across multiple rooms to become saturated. In cases such as this, it is imperative to extract the water and begin the drying process as quickly as possible.

Residential Basement Flooding

It is always stressful when something threatens the safety and comfort of your home.  This homeowner contacted SERVPRO of West Chester when a pipe in the house burst and caused significant flooding to the basement.  The SERVPRO technician is working hard to restore this home to its original condition. 

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage to this Glen Mills dental office was caused by a plumbing failure in the bathroom. We brought in water removal equipment to extract the water out of the saturated carpeting. Next we strategically placed air movers and dehumidification equipment to hasten the drying process. The business owners complimented our crew on their efficiency and professionalism.

Commercial Water Damage

This apartment sustained some water damage after the washing machine overflowed.  The carpet needed to be removed.  Here the SERVPRO technician is cleaning up any remaining dust and debris so that the new carpet could be installed.